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Last year I read or heard someone talking about the word “just”, and how it’s used as a qualifier.


“I’m just calling to see if…because…”

“I’m just emailing to let you know…”

“I’m just going to…”

The person explained the power of removing the word “just” from sentences, and…

There’s been a shift… it’s been gradual, very quiet, but it’s happened. Over time people on Facebook stopped writing status updates, and started re-posting content they find on the internet or that someone else has posted on Facebook by clicking the “Share” button.

For those of you that are or…

By Jen Hall

Fast or Slow

Work faster but take your time.

The best work takes time, but can I get it now?

It takes 10,000 hours to master something, and what you’re practicing will be obsolete in a year or less.

In the last couple decades invention and technology has progressed faster…

By Jen Hall

Fear. Sometimes rational, sometimes not. What I’m concerned with is when it stops people from accomplishing amazing things. More specifically, what’s stopping me from creating things to share online these days?

Some questions that float through my mind:

“What if no one likes it?”

“What if no…

Once a year my former college (ACAD) holds a clearance sale to get rid of books to make space for new ones. About three years ago when I was at the sale, I stumbled on a book titled “The Creative Black Book”.

The Creative Black Book is an 1100 page…

Recently my cousin Michael Lipsett was featured on a podcast called “People Doing Things” by Nick Thornton. For that episode, they were discussing Michaels work and career life up to this point.

A little before the half way mark of the podcast, Nick and Mike discussed obsessions with “likes” when…

Jen Hall

I inspire & support people with ideas & tools that give them a long lasting foundation for their goals and aspirations.

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